Cant uninstall windows xp

:sad: help i installed xp with my sons disc accidentally and so i cant activate it i tried using my own origonal xp os cd but it tells me that it cannot continue the installation because the one im already using is newer than the one im trying to install how can i uninstall the this version i have even tried formatting the disc in the dos but it wont work

DOS won’t recognise NTFS and it migth be that file system you have used. If you know the manufacturer of the hard drive go to their wbsite and download their low level formatting utility. This strips the drive of everything, partitions, data, etc and resets it to factory settings. This will allow you to re-install your copy of XP.

its called formatting utility? i have an emachine and i did go to their website and didnt see anything like that my copy of xp is actually the restore cd but for some reason its not working

Is your cd not a bootable one (most legially brought ones are), if so just boot into that and format your hard disks

If you are trying to install the same version of XP on top of what you installed previously, you don’t have to.
You can simply change the Volume Licensing product key and continue use.
However you must use a Retail Key with a Retail disc, OEM Key with an OEM disc, etc.
There are a couple of Windows XP CD Key Changers floating around that can automate this process for you.

If the XP version numbers are different then and Upgrade Install (which you attempted) will not work in your case so you might want to try to set your system to boot from the CD-ROM and wipe the hard drive clean by formatting it, then install the proper disc on it.

Windows has set by set instructions with pictures depending on what you want to do. Just choose your Operating System and follow the appropriate instructions.

Or i can send you a working activation crack/patch that removes the activation (but may be considerd by some to be iligel, but not if you own the xp cd)

thanx for the input i really appreciate it! i just , on a whim decided to follow the online activation using my own code and it worked, no problem i assume now that as long as the code is legal and the disc is legal, it isnt a problem i dont know but im glad i decided to try it:)