Can't uninstall/Upgrade Nero 5.5


I previously installed the OEM version (or is it a demo?) of Nero (which came bundled with an AOpen 32x12x48 drive) on our Win98SE PC. Then I downloaded and installed a newer version from the Nero website. I recently sold the AOpen and replaced it with a Samsung 40x12x40 unit.

When I saw that my installed Nero did not recognise the Samsung drive, I tried installing the Samsung bundled version of Nero. The installer program requests that the existing version be uninstalled, which it tries to do. However, the uninstaller wants something which it indicates is located in ‘1’. It can’t find the file(s) and exits. I think it wants is the .msi file for Nero (possibly the preceding version’s). I also sold the CD for the AOpen version Nero.

I’ve tried installing just the downloaded demo version, but this creates a “web install” entry in Windows’ program list. I cannot uninstall the “Nero - Burning Rom” entry and therefore can’t install the version which will recognise my new drive.

Someone please help!


Uninstall information for Nero is in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Nero - Burning Rom!UninstallKey.

The uninstall string is “C:\WINDOWS\UNNERO.exe /UNINSTALL”. You could try going to Start | Run and entering “UNNERO.exe /UNINSTALL” (no quotation marks) and running it to see if this will uninstall Nero. If so, your registry entry may have been corrupted.

If for some reason that doesn’t work, you can manually uninstall Nero by following the instructions at How do you deinstall Nero manually?

Good luck and let us know if it works. :wink:

Well, I went on a registry rampage (of sorts) and wiped every key and value which contained a reference to Nero or Ahead. This seemed to do the trick, cos my bundled copy installed fine and I was able to copy a data CD successfully this morning. I was a little concerned with the fact that Nero took more than 6min to read 590Mb. It did write the CD in 3min10sec, which is okay.

Thanks for the suggestion.