Can't uninstall Spearhead

While installing Spearhead the installer crashed half way through the install. When I try to start the install process, I am given two options repair or remove. I have tried both options, but every time I start the install process, the Repair/Remove dialog always pops up. I have tried uninstalling Spearhead through Add/Remove Programs. After that process, the Spearhead entry remains in the Add/Remove list. I have gone into the registry and deleted the key in HKey_Local_Machine/Software/EA Games/Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead. The game still will not install. I have tried uninstalling MOH-AA and starting completely over, but Spearhead never installs, just asks to repair/remove.
I’m assuming there are more registry keys that need removed before Spearhead will think it has completely uninstalled.
This problem is happening on a friends computer and I’m trying to save myself a trip over there just to install a game :slight_smile:
Anyone run into this before?

blacklisting, perhaps? emulators installed that were released before spearhead?

100% legit retail software on his system.
no hacks or mirrors needed

This behaviour is a mismatch between the Windows software database of installed products , and the product itself.

It’s best to go back to another storepoint , or if that cannot be done , to use additional tools to get the program out of the software database section. Perhaps TweakUI can help with this.