Can't uninstall nVidia IDE driver

I’ve recently installed an Asus A7N8X mobo along with an Athlon 2500+, GeForce FX5200-based video card, and 1 GB of Kingston in dual channel mode. I would like to try and use M$'s IDE driver to compare burning results through my NEC ND2500A. However, when I try to uninstall the nVidia IDE driver only, I get a BSOD after a first reboot. After a second reboot, the nVidia gets reinstalled automatically. The version that I’m using now is 4.24, latest from the website. When I used an older version that came on the installation CD’s, I was able to remove that IDE driver, but when I rebooted, all the optical drives were recognized, but couldn’t be located under Windows XP Pro w/SP1. Any suggestions appreciated.

You must use the uninstall procedure from the add/remove programs section inside the configuration screen. This can be done either in normal or safe mode (disable virusscanner for a while).
After that , reboot into safe mode. All registry entries regarding the nvidia drivers should be gone while booting the system. Now reboot again in normal mode. If the incorrect drivers appear again , the .INF files are still refering to nvidia driver paths.

The BSOD probably appears right after the GART driver initialization (you can see that in safe mode).

Ok. I was using the Uninstall option through Device Manager, but of course, now that you’ve mentioned it, the driver package is still installed, so that would explain why it would reappear. I’ll probably just remove all the nVidia drivers, both system and graphics, and start from scratch again. Thanks.

If you still have issues just install the MS drivers over the Nvidia ones.

Right click on my computer->Properties->

Hardware tab->Device manager (middle -right)

Expand IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers

Will have intel / Via / nvidia Ultra ATA storage controller (or similar)

Don’t do the primary or secondary channels. They are children of the main.

Right click on the Via /Intel / Nvidia Ultra ATA / IDE controlller and select “Update driver”.

Then select “install from a list or specific location”-> next

Select “Don’t search. i will choose the driver to install” -> next

Select “standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller (or similar)” -> next

Reboot machine to take effect.


Thanks again for all the suggestions. As it turn out, I was able to uninstall only the nVidia IDE driver from the rest of the drivers (display, ethernet, etc.) through Add/Remove from the Control Panel. Now, the M$ IDE driver has installed correctly without any BSOD effects. :bow:

I got a brand new system with a Gigabyte KN8S-Ultra Nforce3 motherboard and got constant BSOD’s with “machine check exception” using a new Lite-On DVD-burner.

I tried a different new burner - same problem. I tried the above mentioned “standard dual channel PCI IDE controller” - same problem.

I had no problems using a regular old DVD-drive.

Now I’ve put in an older Lite-On DVD-burner from my old computer. So far no BSOD’s, but I’m not optimistic.

Nvidia must die!

Any suggestions if I start getting BSOD’s with this old burner I just put in?

Are you using a 40- or 80-conductor IDE cable? All new LO burners support UDMA-4 burst rates, perhaps you can try a new cable. Of course, make sure you jumper it correctly.

Drives, don’t cause BSOD, drivers and software do. The reason that switching drives sometimes helps is that the IDE controller and drive gets re-installed.

If you want assist with the BSOD, you need to post the specific error from the BSOD and describe what’s happening when it occurs.

With the first new Lite-on DVDRW, everytime the DVD spun up I immediately got a BSOD “machine check exception” with the code:

*** STOP: 0x0000009c (0x0000004, 0x8054D5F0, 0xB2000000, 0x00070F0F).

Since I was setting up a brand new system, the first thing I tried was formatting the HD and installing Win XP Sp2 again, but the problem persisted. Windows installed fine from the drive, but as soon as XP was installed, BSOD’s came instantly when the drive spun up.

I then replaced the drive with an ancient DVDR drive (not a writer). I had no problems whatsoever with this drive, except for the fact that it’s not a writer and I need a writer.

I returned the new writer and bought another new one instead - again a LiteOn writer. BSOD’s happened again - only now they didn’t happen instantly when the drive spun up, but after a minute or two of reading from the drive.

I tried using the windows IDE driver instead of the nvidia driver, but the problem persisted.

I then switched the drive with the DVD-RW (also a LiteOn drive but a much older model) on my old computer. I let the computer read from the DVD for 10-15 minutes - no BSOD!

I will soon test the drive more thoroughly. What annoys me is that I can’t figure out what exactly the problem is.

Hardware troubles, most likely coming from the installed RAM modules.

Not that much of a help, but this page might give you some ideas/info how to procede. :wink:

Always been on $ntel mobos, sorry.

I have been testing my system with the old DVDRW drive all day and not a single BSOD.

IMO, this can only mean that it’s some sort of compatibility or driver issue related to the newer DVD-RW drives.