Can't understand results of nero cd speed scan

i have been trying to resolve a problem where a lot of dvd players will not play dvd’s that i burn all of the way through. During playback the disc starts skipping half of the way through movie and is then unwatchable. Happens on 8 of the 10 dvd players i tried. the other 2 players play the dvds no problem. I have tried 4 different dvd’s (all burnt with same media) and same results. I tried slowing burn speed down from 16x to 8x and this did not help. Next i performed a disc quality scan using nero cd dvd speed 4.50 and here is what info i got:
PI errors: max = 118
average = 14.71
total = 190792

PI failures: max = 9
average = .43
total = 7624

    number of samples = 123431
       average scan interval 1.14 ecc
           glitches removed =3

the media i am using says benq dvd +r 16x on the disc but the media id in nero cd speed says it is a DAXON AZ3
I also noticed that when the scan got to “3.0”(the numbers underneath the x axis on the graphs) that both the pi errors graph and pi failures graphs both spiked up very high which was inconsistent with the rest of the graph. i am wondering if this may be where the dvd starts to skip when playing back on a dvd player. also i am using a sony Q28a writer.

A picture will help us much, much more than the statistics will.

hopefully this is the right picture

That pif spike looks like it defanatlly might be the problem. Considering that your drive is reporting at ecc1 (actually it is probably reporting the top graph at ecc 8 and the botom at ecc1), its probably a rebadged liteon drive (didn’t bother to check the model but its easy enough to find out for sure). Scanning at ecc 8/1, the book standards call for no higher than 280 on the top graph and 4 on the bottom graph for the average player to read it. A single spike that goes a little higher on the bottom isn’t nesasarilly always a problem but when it climbs up and back down like that it is defanatlly a problem.
I am not really farmiliar with that media but if memory serves it only ok media (not really great or anything) and your drive doesn’t seem to like it. you could try diffrent firmware and it might fix it, but honestlly I would try beter media. Liteons tend to prefer +r media. Verbatim, made in japan sony or made in japan maxell are all good.

A couple of other things, you scanned at 8x. Generally it is prefered to scan at 4x on liteons. Also, even though the book standard allows 280 on the top graph, it is reasonable with good burns on good media to expect it to be substantially lower. Most of my burns don’t go over 25 on the top graph. On the bottom, as long as it is under 4 you are good though I have had plenty that stay under 1 or 2.

Bad media, get some verbatim or yudens.

thanks for explaining this. i will give it a try with other media and do a comparison.

here is another one. i changed speed to 4x as ripit suggested. maybe seeing a couple of different graphs will help narrow down the problem. My main concern is that i don’t know if i have a hardware problem with my writer. i have warranty on the computer and writer so if there is a hardware problem i would like to get if fixed while it is under warranty still.

Yeah, that drive was probably designed to do it’s best reporting at 4x… And there you have it! Terribly high errors. A firmware update might help, but the better solution is to buy better media.

Just thought id post something that helped me to understand the graphs a bit better

You need to re-scan the original one you posted at 4x to see if there is an improvemnet in the report. Comparing the scans of two different burns is not effective

Generally a burns quality is affected by three main things: drive, disc and firmware. As has been said already try better quality media. It may also help to check out the Sony/Lite On section of the forum to see if there are any recommendations of what media works well with your drive.

As a side issue you may wish to think about some image editing to blank out the name on some discs in future.

here is the original at 4x. i have checked forums but i can’t seem to find any info or firmware updates for my drive. thanks for the tip about the label i never thought about that. i am trying to figure out how to edit that out.

also, at what speed are you burning these discs? if you’re burning at a full 16x, maybe slowing down to 12x or even 8x (no lower though) will improve your burn quality. going a notch or two slower is usually a good idea on poor quality media, but still doens’t change the fact that you’re using poor quality media and should really get better media for accurate comparisons.

and remember, it IS possible to burn too slow. i wouldn’t burn any 16x media slower than 8x. (and for media like daxon i wouldn’t try anything higher than 12x either)

Inside CD/DVD speed just go to file>options>choose disk quality from the left list.> then uncheck the tick box for show disk label.

Much easier then using image editing software.

Also Daxons are terrible quality disks.

I would buy some verbatims. Or if you are really considering returning it try its quality at burning with some Riteks (most high street retail stores i have found in the UK esp PC World will only consider a burner is faulty if it burns bad on Ritek disks as that seems to be the only media the college student behind the counter has heard of, as i had a faulty Sony a year ago and i told them i was burning to verbatim and Tayo Yuidin with no joy. PC World said try Ritek as they are the best disks :doh: and would only replace it if it was bad burning on them).

Hi :slight_smile:
There’s some f/w here for your drive. However your current f/w shows more in line with the 1693S from Lite-On. Found here.

he said his drive was still under warranty so it’s only fair to warn that flashing with unofficial firmware is going to void the warranty.

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Hi :slight_smile:
Yep, that’s the way to do it.

Hi :slight_smile:
You have a point here. Only Sony no longer list this drive @ or the UK site. Also the lettering of the f/w implies this oem drive, whilst Sony badged appears to to using Lite-On f/w. This is only AFAIK. But I have to admit not knowing a lot about Sony or Lite-On.

i don’t know much about it either.

i claso checked the sony site and didn’t come up with anything.

maybe a good suggestion to the original poster would be to contact sony by telephone and ask if this drive is still supported.

if it isn’t working and it’s still under warranty then they’d have to send you a new one. and since this drive seem to be non-existent on the osny site you could get a different model that could be better or worse depending on what you get.

my best recommendation would be to cross flash to a liteon though. so many people love that drive…the sohw 1693s. but this voids the warranty. you might, however, get decent burns though!

Sure you know zebadee. :smiley:

I have the same drive, now it’s tranformed to a Litey SOHW-1693… :wink:

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Thanks pinto2. :clap: So much for diplomacy. :stuck_out_tongue:
What I actually meant was in terms of warranty (not that I’ve ever bothered about that) I wasn’t sure what the score was. As the f/w currently used doesn’t appear to be listed. So whichever f/w update was applied would be different from original in terms of series.(Sony KY** Lite-On KS** as opposed to KF**).