Can't Transfer DVDFAB Mpeg-4 Files to Ps3 Over Mero Media Home?

Whenever i try to move it to my ps3 it just says corrupted data. Can someone please help ?

Can anyone help me out?

please help?

Hi Koneesha, “the Devil’s in the details” we need details so we can help…I assume you’re using Fab to rip and backup,and the PS3 won’t recognize file… Does the MP4 play from PC hdd ok???

The 2.2 firmware update pretty much broke streaming video on the PS3. A lot of people miffed. Maybe Sony will fix it with the next update.

Yes the Mp4 plays fine on the pc but whenever i stream it using nero it is corupt.

Mp4 seems to be the format that everyone is having trouble streaming since the last update to the PS3. I don’t stream video but the folks on the PS3 boards report the Xvid will stream ok. You might try a chapter or two to see.

Lately I’ve been streaming only mpeg2 using TVersity to the PS3,however last night after checking out the link posted by 90312, I tried streaming an mp4 file,and by George it was freezing and skipping…so I guess the update did ruin mp4 streaming to PS3,since before that I was streaming w/o issues…I’m going to try streaming an xvid tonight and see what gives…But OP, try streaming with TVersity instead ,IMO better than Ner0…

Well it works fine using MPEg2 transcoding. But does anyone else get this corrupted error?

There is a new update out today for the PS3, 2.3. It does not say it fixes the streaming issue, but they never said they broke it either. Someone try the update and see if it fixes the streaming mp4 problem.

ohh yea forgot about that

don’t work. Maybe it has to do with DVDFAB.

Everyone who updated to 2.2 can no longer stream mp4 files. It is unlikely in the extreme that they all use DVDFab. I think not. It has to do with Sony.