Cant test dvd with nero tools

Hi. I cant test my original duallayer dvd-s, because nero tools refuse to do it. I tried newest DVDSpeed, CDSpeed 3.61, nothing. In CDSpeed, disc quality test start button is inactive, scandisc shows i dont know what, some jibjab. I s there any other tool that might work? :confused:

what drive do you have? not all drives are capable of error checking (e.g. NEC ones).

I have NEC-3500…So you’re saying it cant check dvd-s? I just checked, it does check usual one layer dvd-s perfectly, but cant scan duallayer original discs apparently, although this model has duallayer support…

NEC drives are incapable of utilizing the Disc Quality Test in CD/DVD speed regardless of whether the disc is a SL or DL. NEC drives don’t have error checking capabilities whatsoever (i.e. PIE, PIF, POE, POF, Jitter scans).

Um, I’m kinda confused now. you can see there that nec-3500 can scan dvd-s imo, or is it just showing me wrong all this?

we’re talking about different tests (Disc Quality Test versus Surface Scan)…no idea about the surface scan test, sorry.

Well, since this is a recent thread, here’s my problem regarding specifically quality tests using a liteon dvd rom drive XJ-HD166S (I think that is the exact model #). I can’t seem to set the drive speed to 4x in either kprobe or cd-dvd speed. Could this be firmware related, or does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve tried setting the options in both programs, have tried using nero dvd speed. I can set my burner speed, no problem, but whatever I set for the liteon just seems to be ignored. All my quality tests look pretty good until the drive gets up around 9x or 10x, then the quality score goes from the 90’s to 40’s or 50’s



sorry, im unfamiliar with Kprobe and lite-on drives. perhaps someone more knowledgeable can help you with your question. good luck.