Can't split without menus?



Is there no way to split a title without preserving the menus? All I want is the movie. I don’t want anything else. I tried using the split feature but it just seems determined to stick menus and other stuff on there that I don’t want on the disc!

I did see how you can use the “Advanced Title Settings” to isolate specific chapters, and I could manually split it that way in two passes, but that removes all the automated aspects of the program that I love (I don’t think it even inserts my custom disc-change image in that mode!).



You had a reply in your other post, please stay with just one post for the same thing as it will make things easier for people to help you and besides I think double posting is against the forum rules. OBTW welcome to the forum I am sure somebody will be able to help you


I have two different questions. In the other thread I’m asking about a readability problem when I split with menus. In this thread I’m asking why I can’t split without menus.



OOPS I stand corrected, but it’s better to ask all of the questions in the same thread being that they are all related to each other like I said it makes it a heck lot easier for the guys to help you out with the problems , anyway welcome to the forum and I am sure somebody will be able to help you


I see your point – makes sense. I did get some great suggestions in the other thread, and I’m really glad you guys are here. :slight_smile: