Can't split Star Wars in CDVD2

I have CloneDVD2 and I can’t split the movie The Empire Stikes Back in two with the chapter cutter. It doesn’t show quality going up as I remove the back chapters and I ripped it anyway with half the chapters removed and it still came out to 7.2 GBs. I’ve used this feature before on other movies no problem. Any help would be appreciated.

Yeah, I can help with this one - I’ve just done all 3. You may notice that there are 5 different titles all the same length & labelled as different angles. There are 2 solutions - the angles 2-5 are foreign languages on the intro screen, so you can either just select only the first title (English language), or you have to cut all 5 titles.

BTW, mine were the Australian versions, if it makes any difference.

Ok in CloneDVD2 I swore I tried it once with selecting only the main movie and deselcting angle 1 & 2 and english only, but when I ripped it it kept angle 1 & 2 and I still couldn’t using the chapter cutter. But I tried using DVD Shrink and selecting the main movie in it and ripping it with no compression and now the result was a movie with no angles. I could now use CloneDVD2 chapter cutter, so thanks for you’re help.