Cant split dvd heroes season 2

i cant split into to dvd`s one dvd dvd9 heroes seson 2 few of them split normally but other just dvdfab dont see when i open them and cant split how i can solve this problem ?

If you put DVDFab in a different copy mode, e.g. Customize, does it see all the titles then? Have you tried using Customize Split mode? It is best for TV episode discs.

Customize and Customize Split working

but why auto split dont work ?

Maybe the structure of that disc? Which disc of season 2 will not split? Maybe someone else will have this set and can try it.

I think I see what is happening here. Since splitting a title is undesireable, DVDFab Split will put the titles on 2 discs without splitting a title when possible (such as 4, 40:00 episodes). There is nothing in the top window (Split Title) because no title needed to be split; this is like an automatic Customize Split, but with fewer controls and options. Customize Split is still better for TV episodes, try that instead. The screen capture is Prison Break, season 1 disc 2.

but in Split window i nothing to see its empty for me not like on your screen for me its full empty

Ha, then if the bottom window is also empty, I have no idea. Which disc from season 2 is this? Are you sure it is a DVD-9?

yes dvd9 first and second dvd from season 2

If I can find this I will try it also.

you can try but my dvd`s heroes season 2 - Region 5

but may be they are the same

I doubt it. Put the disc in your drive, open DVDFab and let it analyze it with PathPlayer in the Always Enable mode (Common Settings). Then go to the Info screen and click the Send IFO button. It will send the information to Fengtao.