Can't somehow manage to make a decent split dvd

I just recently got into the whole burning thing…and I can’t somehow manage to make a decent split dvd…I wan’t to burn the whole movie onto 2 dvds…and I recently used dvd cloner III - did not work…I read somewhere that clone dvd was no good…FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND MOVIES…would someone please tell me what is a good combination for sony dvd burner (Q58-A)

Also - is it good to make a iso and then burn it onto the dvd or make those folders (videoTS - sorry don’t know the name) and then use clone dvd or dvd cloner III to burn it onto the dvd?

Also - is FUJIFILM a good media - i just wasted about 21 dvds…it hurts…

Also - please reply…I apologize if I come off too strong…I have just had…recently tried to split a dvd into dvd-5 - and guess what --> the movie stuttes…all day morning I bought a new hard drive (for my laptop) and installed Xp just so that I can have a dedicated HD for burning…but I guess that is not meant to be… :frowning:
i would be very grateful to anyone who can please post a answer…
thanks guys…

Try dvd shrink; it’s free and very good.

And try also with verbatim media: have a better quality than fujifilm ones. Avoid the ones branded “pearl white”: are low quality media

go ahead you have my ok


sorry I just could not help myself

but dvdshrink won’t give me 2 4.7 dvds out of a DL dvd…

I know… :slight_smile:

There is information waiting in your other thread about programs to help you assess DVD media quality with your drive.

At the moment you have three threads open on different topics but some parts are becoming common to all; I can merge them all if you would like.

please…imkidd57…I apologize for the mess I may have created…if you think it might be better that way - then I would be thankful …its just that i tried to follow and post based on the topic…so if i needed help with a dvd burning software - i posted over there…and if I needed help iwth making a image - I posted here…and if I needed to vent…I just walked out the room…in any case…I have one dvd processing right now…lets see

At the moment it’s fine; indeed your posts are on clearly different subjects and I appreciate your efforts to keep the individual threads updated. As long the questions and replies don’t cross, and you can keep on-topic with them with them and handle the replies separately, then it’s not a big problem.

I wasn’t warning you - just giving you the option :).