Can't sleep

Hello boys and nowadays girls.
I have developed a sleeping-problem with my summer job. Normally I like staying up until very very late and sleeping to noon, but now I cant do that anymore. My job starts at 03:00 so I have to get up at 02:45 which means I need to get some sleep before that. But if I go to bed at 22:30 I still cant sleep until midnight or something, which leaves me with only 2 hours effective sleep each night.

Then I go to bed again at 07:00 or something like that and sleep until 12. I’ve tried to set the clock to 10 so I would become more tired but it wont work.
I could try not go to bed at all, but then I’d have to go to bed at 6 in the evening and I dont want that.

Any suggestions what I should do? Counting sheep gets dull very quick.
I should go to bed now.

Put on some Jazz and watch some porn, it’ll knock you out in no time.

Hm… try to sleep 5-6 hours then be woken up for 2+ hours and sleep again 5-6 hours then go to work, sleep after work 5/6 hours, do something 1/2 and sleep again 5/6 hours and so on… so do i when i have to work under night.

Nyquil; sleeping aids, etc.

12-year old scotch doesn’t hurt.

Pull an all-nighter and then see how well you can sleep. :slight_smile: I too have problems sleeping at night, usually around 330 before I get to sleep. Tried sleeping aids, had no effect unless I took 3. But that would become expensive, anyway, it’s worked for me a couple of times to go without sleep for 24-36 hours, then you can sleep like a baby.

Read books that you really hate before falling asleep.

Mm overslept this morning again. I had planned to wake up at 10 but the measily signal from the clock didnt do it. I must switch to my fire alarm clock.
g3ri your suggestion sounds interesting, maybe something I should try. But reading books I hate… :confused:

The solution is simply airy…

Sleep 2-3 hrs every day… You’ll eventually get used to it (or die)

Leonardo Da Vinci was doing that.

I know this problem quite well… I’m kind of an insomiac. What I found to work quite good is to do some heavy physical stuff first (work out in the fitness centre, build a brick wall, ride your bicycle, have sex) until you get tired. Then, lie down and watch TV. That works for me…

Leonardo Da Vinci was doing that.

yes, and he ist dead now… :wink: :smiley: :iagree:

have sex) until you get tired.

damn, this would kill my girlfriend… :wink:

Airhead : Get yourself one of those (boring) nature-sounds cd’s. Always does the trick for me when i seriously need to sleep.

Just flashed me (The nature sounds…):

Have you ever listened giant turtles having sex?

On TV about 6 months ago there was a German doctor who said that the best way to sort out your body’s internal clock is to get up at the same time every day (I know it sounds obvious, but please read on).
Basically, he put it that your body will sleep in for as long as it needs, but if you get up at the same time every day (no matter what time you get to bed), then it will figure out that it can’t get away with sleeping in and you will get tired earlier so it can get enough sleep.
It worked for me. The first week or so were pretty hard going (some nights I only got a few hours sleep), but after that I found myself falling asleep at a reasonable time and feeling rested when the alarm went off.
Now (after about 4 months) I am even waking about 10 minutes before the alarm goes.

Or you could get what my mate has and get an alarm that gives you small electric shocks. He got it on a trip to Japan and he loves it.
Theres a strap that goes on your wrist and the shocks are sent from there. They are really small to start with, but the voltage goes up the longer to sleep in.