Can't skip over short titles (menus)

Here’s a bizarre problem I haven’t seen anyone else report yet…

Attempting to make a full copy of Dick and Jane. The original DVD contains several short sequences (the Sony intro, FBI warnings, interview disclaimers, etc). Some of these are skippable with the Next Chapter button, and some of them can’t be skipped due to PUO (player shows message “This operation is prohibited by this disc”). I would like to make ALL these sequences skippable.


Running AnyDVD

Under Settings - DVD - Feature Removal, I have “Prohibited User Operations” selected.

Using CloneDVD2 I have successfully made a full copy (“Preserve Menus”) of the DVD. No errors or problems occurred during the backup.


When I play the DVD in my Pioneer DVD player, NONE of those short sequences can be skipped! Including those that COULD be skipped on the original DVD!! The Next Chapter and Prev Chapter buttons on the remote do nothing. Note however that the player doesn’t say “This operation is prohibited by this disc”, so the issue does not appear to be related to PUO, i.e. it seems the PUO was successfully removed.

Some additional info: The problem only seems to happen on those sections that are indicated as “Menu” on my DVD player’s display (as opposed to Title-Chapter-H:MM:SS). Other buttons, such as pause and fast forward, seem to work OK. So it’s as if the disc simply doesn’t know what chapter is “next”. I also tried a different backup program (DVDShrink) but the results were the same.

So, anyone have any thoughts??


Don’t know why any dvd isn’t abling this but this can take out those parts from what I was told, never worried about it myself.

Does it work when you play the DVD with DVD player software on your PC (AnyDVD enabled, of course)?
If yes, AnyDVD does its job correctly.