Cant shutdown PC after installing Alc120 1.3.5

My PC will not shutdown anymore since I installed Alc120 1.3.5.
When i click shutdown or reboot nothing seems to happen at all. Even if you do it from Taskmanager or from System dialogs (like when u installed new drivers).

I just noticed that some apps in the Tray are being killed during a shutdown/reboot attampt, including the Alc120 GUI, CloneCD Tray, My Popup Killer, etc, but their icons only disappear when i move my mouse over them.

Anyone know how to fix it?

its XP Home

go into properties in alcohol and where it says amount of virtual drives make sure the option is put to none…then shut down u have to do this if u make virtual drives so if u need the virtual drive u can use it then before u shutdown u must put the option back to zero…it has happened to me so i did that and i can shutdown and restar hope that helps u out mate…

Thanks but it doesnt help. Not even completely removing alc120 fixes the problem…

Anyone got an idea?

do you have installed the latest version of alcohol? The shutdown problem on Win9x/ME pc’s was fixed with alcohol 120%
Do you have installed Daemon Tools at the same time on this mashine? The Daemon Tools do still have the shutdown problem in the latest official release, but it is already fixed in the latest beta, the next release will be ok.

If this does not help you, please give us some hints about the software you have installed, especially antivirus software can cause such problems…

1.)latest version of alcohol
2.)d-tools are uninstalled
3.)no antivirus except sophos on demand scanner (never had problems with it)

The problem began right after installing latest alcohol, im sure it was ok before, because i had rebooted 5min before i installed the latest alcohol and it still worked.

Nothing special on this box, XP Home, some burning apps (Nero, Alc, CloneCD, Blindsuite), some movie players, ms office (parts of it only) and a few new Games.

P4 Northwood, 1gig RAM DDR, Geforce 4TI, Liteon 24x, Artec 16x DVD, MSI board with i845DDR and 5.1 onboard noise :stuck_out_tongue:
Maxtor 7200RPM HDDs on primary port, optical drives on secondary port.

I apologize.
It turned out the problem was Cjb.Netter 1.3

I found it by killing one process after the other in taskmanager and then trying to shutdown after each. As soon as i kill CJB.Netter (or exit it normally) shutdown/restart works as before.
What i still dont understand is that it never happened before. I had CJB.Netter installed for months. Maybe it is conflicting with something i just recently installed, I dont know.

Sorry for blaming the problem on Alc120 which is a great program!!

Pleased you found the problem, as you can guess its difficult sometimes to see what is causing a problem, but easer to blame the software. with so many different set ups and installed programs sometimes locating a problem can be hard…

My windows xp Keeps rebooting itself up. I can’t get back to windows. So I Installed Alcohol on my Windows 98 Hd and it works fine. But still Can’t burn copys yet. Maybe caused its the Burner ?
I ordered the Liton 48125w and I’ll probably used Alcohol on windows 98 for now.
Alcohol seems to be a great software , I like the way it looks so far.

Why are my having problem under windows xp and not able to copy to cd with my Ricoh7080a RW drive ?