Can't set up booktype with 160P6S!

I got a 160P6S with firmware PS08, which I updated to PS0B (latest) without even attempting to burn a disc with the original PS08. I noticed that burning with Nero I don’t get the message that booktype is being set to DVD-ROM, so I got the booktype utility 1.3.5 from lite on.

I insert a blank DVD+R, run the utility but it tells me that drive is detected, but unsuported!! :confused:

what is going on here? By the way, I have the jumper set to CS, but I don’t think this matters at all.


Try doing it with CD-DVD Speed, this should be permanent. You can also tell Nero to automatically booktype at burn time, likewise with ImgBurn.

That booktype utility doesn’t work very well anyway because even if you can set the booktype to DVD-ROM it still shows it as DVD+R.

TimC, are you saying it shows book type as +R after recording? It should show media as +R but show book type as DVD-ROM.

And in case you didn’t catch TimC’s comment, the utility works, it is just that Liteon drives don’t report that they are set to switch +R to ROM when you check it with CDSpeed and other utilities.

Works now! Thanks for the suggestions guys :slight_smile: