Can't set both DVD-RW and CD-RW as recordable drives

Hello all,

Windows XP is labeling my Sony CD-RW as a CD-ROM in My Computer, but is properly recognized under Properties/Harware and in the BIOS. I also have a Sony DVD-RW that shows up properly. Both drives have the recording tab under Properties, but Windows will only let me check the “Enable CD recording on this drive” box on one drive. When I check the box on the CD-RW, it automatically disables recording on the DVD-RW and rearranges the drive letters. The DVD-RW is then unavailable for recording through Windows (and vice-versa). So far I have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers for the CD-RW and physically unplugged the CD-RW, startup, shutdown, plug it back in, and restart with no luck. I also upgraded to the latest firmware for the DVD-RW (nothing is available for the CD-RW), but I don’t think the drives themselves are the problem.

I know this setup will work because it used to. I just did a clean install of WinXP after several months of the drives working fine. The drives haven’t been properly recognized since the clean install. I would appreciate any help as I have done several extensive searches on the web and I can’t find any info on this specific problem.

IDE 1 - HDD Master, DVD-RW Slave
IDE 2 - HDD Master, CD-RW Slave

DVD-RW - Sony DRU-800A
CD-RW - Sony CRX175E2

Thanks much.


You can only use one drive at a time for CD recording in Windows XP using the built-in CD recording function in Windows Explorer.

If you think you have ever had both your drives enabled for this at the same time, then you simply remember it wrong. :wink:

This has no effect on what drive(s) you can burn CDs and DVDs to using other CD/DVD burning programs such as Nero or Roxio however! With such programs you will still be able to burn CDs and DVDs to any supported drive, regardless of which drive has been enabled for Windows CD Recording.

I guess I do remember it wrong. That makes solving my “problem” easy anyway. Thanks for the help.