Can't set booktype with lite-on 1653

I flashed my 1213S with the led-fixed firmware CSTJ. When I open the lite-on booktype utility, the booktype is ‘Normal’ but grayed out and I can’t change it to anything. Any suggestions?

Did you download latest Booktype version ?

Yes I am using 1.3.5. I don’t have a Nforce mobo however I am using an Nvidia video card. Could this keep the booktype utility from working?

Nvidia Video Card Should Not Affect Bitsetting.

Do You Have A Blank DVD+R In The Drive When You Run BookType135.EXE?

Mine Is Only Ghosted Out When There No Media In Drive

there must be a disc in the drive to set the booktype!

It will not show as changed…but it is!..once you set Booktype its held in eeprom…when you burn this disk it will burn at what you changed it to… :slight_smile:

It was my ignorance. When I put a blank DVD+R disk in the drive it worked. Thanks for everyones help.