Can't set booktype with DVD-R



Hi, I am a new member and I live in Brazil,

Sorry, English is not my first language.
Let me ask you something.

  1. I have been trying to set the booktype of DVD-R with the new 1.06 (BTC 1008IM) with no success. I can do that with DVD-RW. I am using the latest firmware (0059). The bitsetting tool 1.06 readme tells me that I can change any kind of DVD (+r, +rw, -r and -rw) to DVD-Rom. I have read somewhere that we can’t change DVD-R and -RW (only +R and +RW) bitsetting, but the bitsetting utility 1.06 says the opposite. As I said, I could change easily DVD-RW with the new utility. Let me add, one more thing, I tried with different DVD-R brands too.

  2. I updated Nero to the latest version and can not see the booktype option anymore.

Thank you for your help.

Tiga Jr.


I think something is getting lost in the translation. you cannot set book type for -r.


Thank you for your answer, but I think that’s not entirely correct because I can change the book type of DVD-RW with the 1.06 BTC utility. Look, my drive is different. I have a BTC 1008IM.
Your software, maybe, doesn’t allow to do that.
That’s why I am in doubt. I could see that lots of drivers, like yours, don’t allow changing book type of dvd-r and -rw, but I can tell you again, I can change book type of dvd-rw with BTC 1.06 utility.

Tiga Jr.


I think there is a error in the .17 nero.

I went from .15 to .17 nero and my Booktype setting for DVD+R went away but now there is a button to set booktype for DVD-R. I also thought it was for only DVD+R but nero is doing soemthing.

I also am usign a BTC 1008 burner.


There is software available that allows you to set a booktype for DVD-R(W) discs. However it’s pretty useless. The booktype bit is somehere at the start of the disc, during manufacturing this bit is overwritten by DVD-R and DVD-RW. The DVD+R(W) specifications do allow modification of this bit. However it seems that there is now software available that does allow you to set a bitsetting for DVD-R and DVD-RW. Given my prior information information you will understand that it’s not the same and that’s more or like a trick and some people doubt that it even works. Till now nobody has really indepentently proven that it works better then setting no booktype bit on a DVD-R(W). On the DVD+R(W) booktype setting there is a lot of information and it’s proiven to work.

The bitsetting sets a bit that fools the DVD player to think it’s reading a DVD-ROM instead of a DVD recordable.