Can't select my Plextor cdrw. Please help!

:frowning: When I want to burn a (S)VCD, I can’t select my CDRW. It is a Plextor type “Plexwriter 24/10/40A”, including the burning software Nero 5.5. My OS is XP Home, P4 2.4 Mgz, 256 DDR RAM, 2 Maxtor HardDisks and I use Studio DeLuxe 8. :frowning:

:confused: Is it maybe an Aspi problem? I installed the Adaptec Aspi drivers for XP and the problem wasn’t solved. I tried Aspi for Windows 2000/NT but also without any success. So, who can help/advise me? Thanx!

Nero has its own ASPI-layer on board so that’s probably not the problem. Can you select your burner when you want to start a normal audio or data compilation? Or does the problem only occur when you want to start a (S)VCD burn? Do you have more than one burner? Keep in mind that a bundled Nero version will normally only work with the drive you got it with. If you for example also have a LiteOn writer with a Nero version and you replaced the LiteOn with a Plextor drive, the installed LiteOn Nero version won’t see your Plextor drive. You can also simply try re-installing Nero. Does that work? I presume you do have the (S)VCD plug-in installed…