Can't seem to stay logged in!

I don’t know if it’s my anti-virus program webguard, my firewall settings. or enabling Adblock Plus in my Firefox browser, but it seems like I have to sign in every time I reply to a post or submit a new thread, and this is shortly after I’ve logged in to read messages.

One of my security features is blocking something that needs to see in order to know I’m still logged in. Is there a cookie, or a direct url that I can set up and exempt from blocking (other than

Probably it is sufficient to enable cookies for CDFreaks :slight_smile:

Try to log off, delete all cookies, then enable cookies for this site, and finally log in again.

From my checking here, the CD Freaks forum updates the following cookies when I log off and then back on again with “Remember Me?” ticked:

It would be worth adding ‘’ and ‘’ to the exemptions to see if this helps. Also, just make sure “Remember Me?” is ticked when logging on, as this is not ticked by default.