Can't seem to rip a red DVD


I have a couple of completely red coloured DVDs that I cannot rip using my Mac PowerBook. I’m using DVDBackup to rip and decrypt the disc to my hard drive and the rip will start, but once it gets onto the first main movie VOB file, the drive will spin down and the rip will stop. And nothing else will happen. Also, the program will lock up.

I have two drives, an internal Apple combo drive and an external Phillips DVD+R DL drive and it happens with both drives.

The curious thing is, the disc will play from start to finish fine.

I’m not having these problems with the regular silver or gold-ish coloured discs and can rip and burn those fine which is leading me to believe that it’s something to do with these red discs.

The discs are “Little Black Book” and the latest Resident Evil incarnation. I’m using DVDBackup to rip the DVD to the hard drive and then Roxio Popcorn to compress to 4.7Gb and burn. This system works fine for everything but these 2 red coloured DVDs.

Has anyone else experienced this problem who could give me some tips? Any advice is appreciated :slight_smile:


You’ll have to use either DVD Decrypter (freeware) or Any DVD (21 Day Trial) as these two titles are protected with the new Sony Arccos bad sector protection.

Wouldn’t the original poster need virtual PC as he has a MAC and not a PC.

The latest version of macTheRipper can work with Arcoss discs.


Good point nwg, I had my blinkers on and just read “little black book” and “Resident Evil”.

Having exactly the same problem with with DVD Decripter, DVD2One, DVDShrink on Pioneer DVD-ROM and Sony writer. Yesterday with new Zorro movie and earlier als with others. Columbia pictures are now using them (red DVD’s) standard for new DVD’s.
Also my JVC DVD player stops halfway the movie when playing.
I guesss it has to do with the red red laser inside the DVD player??
Who has a solution? Is tere a firmware upgrade somewhere?

DVD Fab Decrypter

I have the same problem with these red discs and DVD Decrypter 3.5 doesn’t work at all, neither does dvd shrink or dvd fab decrypter

Did anyone have more Information of these or any other orginal Movies with “red” Colour Media? Where did you buy them? Region Code? ISBN/ Bar Code Numbers
greetings Gordon2017

That’s quite a number of years ago Gordon but I suspect the red colouring was just a promotional gimmick and had no bearing on the original problem.

For what it’s worth, the ARccOS protection system used is pretty much redundant now as any current ripping program won’t have any difficulty with this.

I’ve never seen any coloured DVDs myself, and I used to watch 100s of movies, so they must be quite rare.

I have seen around 400 DVDs myself and i dont seen any of it too. But all my Dvd are Region Code 2 “Pal” System in Germany.