Cant seem to register dvdfab product



where is the attachment file that i save as registration key? cant seem to fix this problem and my trial has expired what do i do?


Hi, as I just posted a question, I saw your question. the following is copied from my reply from DVDFab after I purchased a licence key.

the file you need to save from the email is “key.DVDFabxxxxx5” the xxx are replaced with your version. the instructions are clear and worked for me just fine.

  1. Download the software from the DVDFab’s website (
  2. After you downloaded the software, install it on your computer.
  3. Open the installed trial version of the DVDFab.
  4. Save the attachment file, “key.DVDFabPlatinum5”, on your computer. This is
    your license key.
  5. Double click on the license key file.
  6. A message confirming the registration will appear on the screen and it will
    ask you to restart the program.
  7. Restart the program.
  8. After the program is restarted you will have the full registered version of
    the DVDFab Platinum