Cant seem to get ps2 backups to work

Hi I tried to burn ps2 but when I tried it, it didn’t load, tells me to load a ps2 disk when I burn a movie using the same dvd_r disk and load it in my ps2 the movie works. Why cant I get the games to work?

Because you need to get a mod chip to play back up games.

Tsk tsk Jay, now you’ve gone and made him ask about 100 more silly questions.

No I haven’t, I hope, all he has to do is use search. If I have then I am suitably chastised.

Nah I was just giving you a hard time. My implication was that if he was too clueless to search one of the myriad of other “what do I need to do in order to play PS2 backups” threads, then he’s also too clueless to search for “mod chip”.

I know I was being ironic, no smilies in quick posts :wink: