Can't seem to download anything off utorrent

I don’t know why I can’t download anything off of u torrent? i shut my firewalls down completely and still nothing. What gives? Did I set it up wrong or something? The error message I get says unable to map UPnP port. So i checked on the website and they said it was a firewall problem in the faq section.

have you checked your ports. in utorrent under options go to speed guide and click “check to see if port is forwarded correctly”

this will test your port and open a browser window. if it’s not forwarded correctly it shoudl link you to some information about ports. if you need more help after that be sure to post back.

you’ll have to change some router settings in order to forward ports, but I think their link is pretty descriptive.

Checked port and it says that it is open and ready to receive downloads. Tried again and still nothing!

try with unchecked “enable uPnP port mapping” in Preferences>Connection. see if it will download then.

also be sure that the torrents you’re testing on have a lot of seeders (uploaders)

if a torrent is not being seeded well you’re not going to be able to download it.

Ok so i disabled port mapping and am now downloading. Thanks for the help guys!

glad to see you got it sorted out!

I’m also trying to use u torrent, for me it’s working but the utorrent downloads are extremely slow. Any advice?

If your ISP actively takes part in traffic shaping then you will need to configure protocol encryption.

encryption will not help if the ISP limits bittorrent traffic , i know from expirence , my older ISP started doing it about 2 weeks ago and even with encryption it was a little bit faster but still very slow ,few days ago i changed ISP and its all good now , so changing ISP is the only way to go in such case , of course do some googling first and see what ISPs in your area doesnt limit bittorrent traffic

My ISP does take part in traffic shaping aswell, remember.

It’s at its peak at around 6pm til 6am on weekdays and all day on weekends. I can get speeds of up to 150k per second on a well seeded torrent (where bittorrent communications have been encrypted) during traffic shaped hours.

During the daytime on weekdays, I can get speeds of up to 550k per second.

Without encryption, I can barely get 5k per second - it doesn’t matter how well seeded the torrent is, it just will not go past the 5k per second mark. So at least there is some improvement in speed since I configured encryption.

And I’m on a 8 Mbps connection by the way.

well i guess my older isp found a way to detect the encryption and its not something global on isps that limits bittorrent traffic , anyway 150kb is way too slow for your connection , 550kb is quite fast but it can defintly get faster then that (do remember that download/upload bandwidth gets divided by 8 for kb ps, and with your connection it should max at about 1000kb) , your paying for 8mbps and you get half of it , i dont see how you put up with it your not getting what your paying for

I put up with it because my ISP offers the cheapest unlimited 8 Mbps broadband connection in the UK.

Unlimited really means unlimited with them. I think I must be downloading more than 20 GB per month and yet they haven’t complained (yet).

The other problem I have with my connection is that I rarely get the full 8 Mbps speed. This is due to me being too far from my local exchange. On average, the maximum speed of my line is usually around 5.5 Mbps. So you can imagine that 550k per second download speeds are nigh on perfect for me.

Anyway, I’m looking to switch once my contract runs out so hopefully I can find a cheapish ISP that doesn’t actively take part in traffic shaping. Should save me a whole lot of bother that way.

I have a problem. I am using Utorrent. I have no router, just the cable modem. My speeds are crap and I am clueless how to fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated.


ohh Shel…you should ditch utorrent and just get the Opera browser it has a bittorrent client built in :wink:

Ok, that’s nifty. I already have Opera but haven’t used it much but I will do so now. Thanks so much for the advice :slight_smile:

we have to look out for each other :wink: not too many of us southern gals in here

This is true, thanks again :flower:

One more question…is there anything I need to do to give it a boost or will it eventually pick up some speed?

it really depends on the seeders …i’ve got cable and doesn’t take long for me to get some really large files :wink: