Can't see the files in my CDs

I’ve been using my Optorite CD writer without a problem but suddenly it started to give me

trouble reading CDs. When I click the drive icon in My Computer (Windows XP) I got no files

at all, even though the CDs are not empty. I’ve tried with CDs recorded in my computer, other

computers, audio CDs, etc, and it gives me nothing. This problem looks like random because

some times it recognizes all the files in the CDs.

I have changed the CD writer and the problem is still there. I also tried with another cable

and got no change at all. The conclusion: should be a problem with de operating system, but I

could not find where. Other significant detail is that even when I got no files with a

non-empty CD, Nero recognizes the information in the CD and shows me the track size and other


I am also having a problem with my DVD player (Mad Dog), which I disconnected to do all the


Please, I need some help.

Do you have packet writing software installed?
It could definitely cause strange issues such as the one you have detailed.
Search your PC for InCD, DirectCD or DLA and uninstall them if applicable.

Were the CD-R discs finalized? Windows will have trouble recognizing a CD that hasn’t been closed properly.

Try a brand new IDE cable.

If you’re using WindowsXP, disable the IMAPI cd writing service to ensure that it is not the source of your troubles.

I already tried replacing the cable and didn’t work. I also tested different CD, even original audio CDs, and didn’t work. What I noticed is that I can see the files in my CDs when the computer boot with the CD in the drive. What could that mena?