Can't see the files in my CDs in Windows XP

I’ve been using my OPtorite CD writer without a problem but suddenly it started to give me trouble reading CDs. When I click the drive icon in My Computer (Windows XP) I got no files at all, even though the CDs are not empty. I’ve tried with CDs recorded in my computer, other computers, audio CDs, etc, and it gives me nothing. This problem looks like random because
some times it recognizes all the files in the CDs.

I have changed the CD writer and the problem is still there. I also tried with another cable and got no change at all. The conclusion: should be a problem with de operating system, but I could not find where. Other significant detail is that even when I got no files with a non-empty CD, Nero recognizes the information in the CD and shows me the track size and other stuff.

I am also having a problem with my DVD player (Mad Dog), which I disconnected to do all the testing.

Please, I need some help.

Ok first off go to my computer and right click on your burner drive letter and go to properties. Go to the recording tab and uncheck enable recording for this device, then go to the autoplay tab, select “blank cd” in the drop down menu, then in the action field select “do nothing” This will stop explorer from opening blank cd’s (or cd’s that the os thinks is blank) in a cd-recording folder, you will have to use a 3rd party recording program such as nero to record your cd’s which is better anyway.

if that doesnt work there could possibly be a problem with explorer. if you say you put another drive in and it does the same thing then its got to be the OS. Try opening a command prompt and do a dir on your cd drive (example: start, run, type ‘cmd’, [enter], type ‘d:’, (where d is the letter of the drive) [enter], type ‘dir’) If it lists the files there but not in my computer then something is wrong with explorer, I would try uninstalling any modifications to explorer especially packet writing programs like incd etc. reinstall the device, check disk administrator (start, run, compmgmt.msc) and see if it is reporting a volume in the drive.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the answer.

I removed my drives and installed a new DVD ROM, and I gt the same problem. I have noticed that when the computer boots with a CD in the drive, it recognizes it. Would that help somebody to identify where the problem could be?