Can't see the audio on burned Mixed Mode CD

Created a mixed mode CD with Nero 6, for the first time.

All the data is there, and the audio is playable on an external cd player, but I can only see the data mode directory from within Windows XP.

How do I get to the Audio tracks. I have properties set to prompt me for an action , but I get no prompt.

Odd. I’ve seen the opposite problem posted , where they cant see the data tracks.


Can you go to “My Computer” and right-click on the CD. Select “Explore”. Do the files show?

Did you finalize your CD?

I ve the same problem … is it possible to see both? data and audio files burned?

Truman Capote: The OP has not returned but have you tried right-clicking and selecting “explore” as I asked?

Mixed-Mode CD’s are not my strongest area but no one else has responded so I’ll give it a try but please “explore” your disc.

When you insert a mixed-mode, your computer doesn’t know if it should display data or if it should play music so it sort of hangs there. With the cost of CD media dropping to almost free, either burn audio or data CDs. As you discovered, mixed CD’s can be a headache.

I believe your chances of a successful experience are increased if you finalize the disc which is why I asked the OP that question.

I never mind being corrected so if a more knowledgeable user has other thoughts, help us out here.

Of course i explored it… and of course i finished the session… u can be sure of that… still… i can see the data files… but cant see the cda files… Anyway, thanks super thanks a lot 4 your answer.