Can't See Multi-Session Files on DVD

I have been burning multi-session DVDs using Roxio EMC 6 for some time without any problems.

Today however I have backed up some files to 2 different DVD’s (adding the new files to sessions already recorded on the DVDs) and now I can’t see either the new files or the files from earlier sessions - except for the original session.

What did I do wrong and how can I now see these files?

Looking at the DVDs in Explorer (on 2 differnt PCs) I can see all the folders but there are no files in the folders (except for for the original session). When I look at the DVDs using the ‘Disc Info’ in Roxio I can see each of the sessions.

I tried Reading each of the Tracks by saving the individual session as an ISO file and then trying to open that file in Daemon Tools as an ISO image but couldn’t see anything. For a good sesion should that have worked?

FYI - my system is a P4 3.2 Ghz CPU, 1 gig RAM, running Win XP SP2 using an LG DVD burner.

What format are the DVD’s? (DVD+ or -, R or RW)? Generally, DVD’s are tricky with multi-session recording - you may not read multi-session DVD at all unless your device is a dvd burner, and then there may be problems yet. I know that if there are many sessions, Win XP will not see all of them (e.g., Windows 2003 server sees the sessions OK), that may be the problem. I do not know what the solution is, though - but I think you can always see and extract the data using for example IsoBuster.

Thanks for the comments kikibug. I’m using DVD+R.

I have done quite a few multisession DVDs with good good success but for some reason the last 2 I’ve done are problematic - so I’m anxious to know what I’ve done wrong/differently!

Putting the DVD into the DVD burner that I created the multisessions on I can access the original session but for the 2 new sessions I can only see the new folders and in one case none of the files in the new folder and in another case I can see the file names but they all have zero size.

Can you please briefly explain how I can use Isobuster to see/extract the data. I haven’t used Isobuster but I imagine it’s like Daemon Tools - so do I just try to load the whole DVD and read it in Isobusters or do I have to extract the individual iso sessions from the DVD first and then read them in Isobusters?

Many thanks.

About IsoBuster - when you insert the disc and open the program, you get something like a file explorer - sessions and tracks on the left, folders and files on the right. You can extract the files by right-clicking on them and pressing Extract, it will ask you where to save them.
IsoBuster can read .iso files too, but I think it will be easier to just read the data from the disc.

OK kikibug - Isobuster did the trick - excellent program. Using Isobuster I can read/recover all the files on these DVDs.

The only glitch is that Isobuster didn’t display/retain the long file names (which I presume is normal) so when I extract the files I’ll have to recreate the original names - which isn’t a big problem. The good news is that when I recover an archived file (eg. XXXYYY~1.RAR) the file/folder names in the archive are still preserved as the original long file names.

Thanks for your help.