Can't see full screen video in Vista Media Center

I have copied few movies from DVD onto my computer, and tried running them using Vista Media Center. However, instEAd of seeing the movie in full screen I see it at a much narrower window - the top and bottom of the screen are black. For example, I run Matrix Reloaded from my DVD and it run in full screen but when copied to my pc it show as a narrow strip. I tried copying at different aspect ratioes, using DVDFab, and even loaded it as Main Movie, but without any success.
Does anyone know what need to be done to see it in full screen? is it a problem of DVDFab copy process or is it a limitation of Vista Media Center?
My pc has LEADTEK 8500GT EXTREME 256MB NVIDIA graphic card.

Your pc is probably showing it in the correct aspect ratio- many films are too wide to fill a 16x9 screen & need black bars at top & bottom. Your DVD/TV combination is probably using a “Smart” setting to fill the whole screen with minimal distortion, but if you toggle the aspect ratio button for your TV to “wide” you should see the same black bars top & bottom.
your PC’s DVD playing software should also have zoom ,& pan & scan, & stretch options if you don’t want to see the bars.
I prefer to see a DVD is its intended ratio.
Anyway, none of the is is caused by DVDfab, the program rips all inforamation, including the aspect ratio data, from the original DVD and does not alter it.

If you want to check a film’s aspect ratio, look on the back of the DVD box, or check a film site like, or the details on If you see a ratio like 2.35:1 then that’s greater than your TV or PC widescreen which is 16:9 or 1.777:1, so the film will need bars at top & bottom for a correct display.

Thanks for the info. I’ll check the aspect ratio as you suggested