Cant see files through explorer

I used MusicMatch Jukebox, I hope some of you are familiar with it, to burn a cd full of mp3’s for import onto another machine. When burning I chose the option to encode as data files (mp3, wav, wma). The cds (two of them) finished creating without error. When I insert the cd into a cd rom drive however I do not see any files present through the explorer window. If I right click on the cd rom drive and go to properties I can see that there is space used on the disk (roughly 650 MB on each) but I cannot see the files themselves. When I open up a program like real jukebox for example and I go to the cd tab, it shows me 1 track which is listed as a ‘data track’ that is 1 hr and 7 minutes long, but of course can not be played. Does anyone have any idea how I fix this short of using a different program to burn mp3’s onto disc?

NERO rulez in burning audio CD’s from mp3 !!!

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…and in burning mp3 - cd’s (as I can tell by looking at my name)

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