Can't see files burned to bootable cd

I created a bootable cd with CDBurnerXP using their boot.ima (win98). I cannot see the files when I boot from the CD, I only see DOS commands. I can see the files that I put on the CD in while in XP explorer.

I think that is normal. The files are for booting not viewing. You can see them in XP because you didn’t boot from it.


hhmmm, thank you for the replay RichMan. I am trying to change the region code in my DVD player. I need to boot from a CD then run a command that will send codes to the DVD player via the IR port. Is there any way to create a bootable CD and include the files (useable) that I need on it?

You simply add the files that you need to your burning app, then choose the bootable CD option. It will add the additional files needed to boot. After it boots, you should be able to see the files you added. Although you may have to change to the drive and directory where the files are located.