Can't see disk's contents

i’m looking after some advice,

my Windows xp system recognizes the burner (Sony DW-D22A DVD-RW), but I can’t see most cd’s contents. (the drive fails to see the disk inside, and I’m really sure it’s right there:)

I can, however, burn new cd’s. Ironically I can’t even use the disks i’ve just burned.

I checked all the DMA, IDE, ASPI staff and I’m good, but still i’ve got no idea what to do with the burner. I’m pretty sure it can’t be psysically damaged since i’ve never touched my pc inside.

i’d really appreciate any help please

Do you have Alcohol, Daemon Tools, InCD (comes with Nero), or Roxio’s Drag To Disk installed?

Welcome, BTW :slight_smile:

I do have Nero 7 and whatever it comes with. I’m pretty sure inCD didn’t though. (i might have an uncomplete version)
Do you think I can save the day by getting inCD ? How?

by the way. now, when you mentioned Nero, i remember it was Nero’s instalation that cause the problem

InCD can actually cause problems like this.

Have a look in Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel to see if it’s installed.

Failing that, since you mention these problems started around the time you installed Nero…have you tried uninstalling it, then reinstalling it again?

Use the Nero Clean Tool after running the Nero uninstall, then do a Custom Install, and make sure the box for InCD has an X in it. :slight_smile:

ok I did what you told me… it didn’t help…
with or without InCD and Nero the disks remain ‘empty’

any more ideas ? I really hate the idea of reinstalling the whole system (besides it doesn’t have to help either)

anyone got more ideas? please, be welcome, i will appreciate even the crappiest ones :]

i got similiar problem with my LiteOn SHW-16H5S (LSOW). i can’t read the DVD+RW disc (it recognise this as CD and Windows popup error that it can’t read the disc becouse it’s propably damaged or the media type is incompatible with WinXP). i changed the order of the recorders on the IDE cable (i have also LTR 52327S) and it helped once but now it is not helping !
Please help!

PS: I’m sorry for my english ;D