Can't see cd/dvd drives and drivers are gone

sorry i posted this in the general hardware forum already.

HELP! cant see drives and cant reinstall drivers!!!
ok. i start up my comp this morning. it loads up then straight away some clone dvd thing says that my device drivers are corrupted and must be unistalled. so i press ok. then i go to my comp and i cant see any of my writers and roms. i go to device manager and it has a list of my devices under cdwr/dvd that arent recognised and it has a yellow sign with an elclamation mark next to all of them.

so i double click and it says "windows cannot load the device drivers for the hardware. the driver may be corrupted or missing (code 39).

i tried unistalling the ide channels and rebooting. same problem still exists. tried to reinstall the drivers for the drives but it cant find any new ones or something. arrrrrgg . why did this happen!??? why does all this wird stuff always happen to me??

somebody please help. what can i do?!

BTW, same thing happens with my graphics card. the drivers for that are also gone. please help!

Did you find a solution?

That much corruption would indicate a problem with the hard drive, hopefully it is not a virus. I would salvage any critical data and run some disc diagnostics to see if the drive is dying. To get back the MS device drivers for IDE you probably need a clean install.

No idea if these drivers are right but it is worth a try.

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