Can't save NEC 2510A FW after edit



I have a big problem:

I’ve a NEC 2510A with org. FW 2.19 (-> )

I tried the org. FW from the NEC Site, i dump the FW from the drive, tried other FW. All tries = same error.

If i try to save the fw after edit in MCSE v1.2.0.7 i get this error:
“The input file is just supported in read only mode, changes can not be saved.”

i’ve no idea how to “disable” (or something else) the f***** read only mode.



Use firmwares & tools by Liggy & Dee.


Same problem,

i need to add one media code to the firmware and without a chance to save changes …

Liggy & Dee’s FW hat the same problem. open : OK - save: Read Only Error