Can't save answerphone messages to PC



Does anyone know of any way of recording voicemail without having to have the handset placed against or on a recorder such as a casettes recorder or microphone which isn’t ideal for the quality? I’ve tried a telephone recorder from off of eBay but it turns out it doesn’t run on a DSL line.


For analog i think you’re forced to use a normal answerphone.
Perhaps you can also purchase some sort of DECT base station that can record otherwise, but i have not seen them.

If you go VOIP, you make use of a SIP connection. You can ask your VOIP/SIP provider for all the possibilities.


I have Skype with a DPH-50U USB phone adapter. It comes with D-link monitor. I can set it to record all calls including voicemail . I usually don’t set it that way & manually activate record with it the rare times I need to record a telephone conversation.
Not illegal in my state as long as one party of the conversation consents.
Some states require both party consent.
You might check with your phone manufacturer & see if they have a way to access the voicemail for recording.


I used to have a modem that came with ‘phone tools’ that would answer the phone for voice and fax. It could also record conversations on the phone. It had a record button that allowed you to start recoding whilst talking or listening.
If you could get something similar it should do what you want.


Sorry about the delay and it’s because I’m registered under another e-mail address I haven’t been checking as much, but I think I’ve solved this in here: