Cant run transfer rate test with CD SPEED

I dont know why, I am able to run a transfer rate test with my ‘Fight Club’ dvd, but now I just tried it a week later and the disc spins up, then it gets to 5.3x then it gives me ‘Parametre Value Invalid (052602)’, why is that, and how can i get it to do a transfer rate test on a pressed dvd video?

There’s some threads here that suggest this is a firmware issue, more often seen on Benq drives than others.

However, I couldn’t find any definitive answer about this.

Have you perchance updated the firmware between the 2 tests?

Nope, both times were done with 1.19. It’s no biggie really, I mean dvd decrypter shows what speed you are ripping at so thats good enough if I REALLY have to see the speed. bah.