Can't run Quake3, opengl error ?!?!?!



On the cd is a file called glsetup110.exe, you need to run this to install the opengl video drivers.


HI !

I can’t run Quake3. It reports an OPENGL error… I’am a newbie in the gaming buisiness…

Please help me…



Hi !

I’am running quake from Twilight44…

Can I download that files somewhere ???



Are you running it under Windows 2000 ?
Quake III doesn’t work than.


Vitamin C

PC-PSX-VCD-VHS-Twilight-Crazy Bytes-Veronica 2000


look for gl drivers [minigl] = smaller but needs contact with internet

other is bigger cause all driver are on it.


HI !

I 'am running Windows’98.

My videocart is a VIPER II (s3 200)…



There is newer version now available.


HI !

Wow men ! That;s a large file for me to download with a 56k6 modem !!!

I think the KPN hopes that I will download the files one day…

Someone around with a cablemodem ?!?!?!



I did it with 56k modem, just get hold of the utility Go!Zilla from and use that to download it.
It is waste of time trying to upgrade the drivers via internet, which you can also do, as the download procedure for that appeared to be slower than just downloading the file.