Can't run Nero CD-DVD Speed quality test on 1300A

I’m not sure what is the problem with my system.

I recently installed Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.0 and it wont’ work on my system. Every time I do the quality test, it waits 10 seconds to spin up the disk and then it pops up an error box that says Error Initializing Test.

It does this with whatever dvd-r I put in there…

Any clues?

I also tried Kprobe…I know its for liteon drives, but I thought I read that it still works on other drives (just not as useful info). Well Kprobe says its starting the drive…and then a few seconds later it stops the drive without running the quality test! No error messages though.

The NEC ND hardware will not report C1/C2 or P1/PO error correction to output. Its not a function defined in hardware.

A liteOn drive will help you accomplish such a task.

I think its something else. I am able to run Nero CD-DVD speed qualitiy checks on my pc at work, and the dvd-rom drive in my work computer isn’t a liteon drive. its a HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4480B drive. whatever the hell comes in these Dells :slight_smile:

Maybe there’s some software issues with my home computer. blah…I really need to be able to run this so I can check different media with my NEC…

I think you will find NEC is not supported for quality test only CD-DVD speed test.

List of supported drives for CDSpeed quality test.

4480B drive

Ok, sorry for the stupidity.