Can't Rip Zoom with AnyDVD

Dvd is from Sony Pictures. Any DVD won`t rip it.

Please provide much less information next time. Cause posting information like the AnyDVD information window and the exact error you’re getting might actually be helpful in diagnosing the problem…

Believe it or not! It worked with CLONECD. ZOOM R1 USA

That`s how i usually rip my movies. I tried with CloneCD just to see what happens.

Did you try it with CloneDVD? That almost never fails.

Originally the first time i tried with AnyDVD it showed a window saying stuff like “The DVD may be dirty that i should clean it.” That my region was locked to Region 2. it showed like 5 0r 6 reasons why it was unable to rip.

yes i did.

And CloneDVD didn’t give you good results? You got an error?

I checked my backup of ZOOM riped with cloneCd and it`s fine.

As long as you’re happy with your backup…that’s what counts.

It’s like trying to get an answer from a little brother with Attention Deficit Disorder!!! LMAO :bigsmile:

Be nice now. :slight_smile:

ADD? llmmaaooooooooooooooooooooooooo

No problem with Zoom, Anydvd6114, and clone dvd2 2903.

How do you use CloneDVD? I downloaded the 21 day trial version and gives me some message about copy protection. What’s the deal?

The deal is that CloneDVD doesn’t work by itself. You must have AnyDVD running with it. AnyDVD removes the copy protection on the fly and CloneDVD does the actual backup.

Hey how much did you pay for your HD burner, HD DVD R and where did you get it?

Thinking of backing up KING KONG, please help.

I have not seen a HD RW DVD Burner for sale anyplace. I see the media but not the burners.:confused:

It worked! No surprise I guess.

First time using them, pretty slick. I’m not too thrilled at the $30-$40 price tag for each software package though. $80 for the both of them??? Ouch.