Can't rip Vault Universal Series on DVD R

just bought this DVD and upgraded software. I can still rip other DVD’s, but not this one

What software are you using? DVDFab?

Do you get an error message?

thanks for getting back to me. The software is MacX Ripper Pro. No error message. It starts to convert and then just stops. The DVD cover states for DVD players, not in recorders or PCs. The software does work with other DVDs like Disney.

It could be an unusual protection scheme that isn’t handled by your current software. Can you play the DVD in something like VLC for Mac? I know it says it isn’t for computers, but test a few programs to see if they can work with it.

There is a version of MakeMKV for Mac’s. It is a free program for decryption, but it will only decrypt DVD’s to MKV format. Just test it and see if it will make this conversion. There is also a free trial for DVDFab for Mac.

Can you open the DVD within your operating system and see the folders on the disc? You should be able to see a Video_TS folder and an Audio_TS folder.

Is this a made on demand disc?

Sorry for such a late reply. I downloaded DVDfab and was able to convert to MP4 without difficulty. I hav since upgraded the operating system and will see if it now works. Thanks for your help.