Cant rip The Dresden Files disc 1

forget that. i moved the duff file out of the folder and tried to dvdshrink it, but it wasnt having any of it. it wouldnt even start shrinking, said it cudnt open it

[QUOTE=RandyRos;1925189]im sorry, i understand that Imgburn is a program, but the rest of that is beyond me :frowning:
There are some excellent guides for Img
A good place to start is LUK’s (the developer) home site:
Just left click on mode and choose[B] build[/B]

[QUOTE=RandyRos;1925189]the app wudnt start. it said i dont have dual layer media. :doh:[/QUOTE]
Do you mean Fab won’t start? or Img?

[QUOTE=RandyRos;1925210]all i know is it is the very last file in the folder.

do you think i could safely delete it and still burn the disc???[/QUOTE]
This is gonna get complicated.
You can try customize mode in platinum and in[B] Advanced Title Settings[/B] try to edit the last ?chapter(s) out, but I have no idea how the files are structured.
You can also do this with shrink, but it sounds like you can’t open it.

You can try editing software such as VobBlanker

You might want to consider having the disc “restored” professionally on an industrial grade machine like I mentioned previously.

Sorry, running out of ideas here.

thank you, i shall try those ideas tomorrow

atm ive left the main pc (im on lappy now) dvdshrinking it. yes it managed to do it after i tried a few times. whether it’ll get stuck or fail to burn i dont know yet

thanks all for youre help :slight_smile:

You’re welcome and we’re happy to try…
Maybe some others like tgidday will pop in with more ideas.
Good luck…:wink: