Can't rip star wars new hope? dvdshrink

I try to open the disc and it makes it part way through and it says there is an error reading the drive and that there is an encryption on a sector? I downloaded and installed the newest dvdshrink version and that didn’t change anything. what do I need to do?

Have you tried ripping with another program? Try DVD Decrypter (free). If you rip to .iso in concert with daemon tools, you can mount the ripped (and decrypted) .iso and reprocess with DVD Shrink.

I copied all three of the Trilogy discs with DVD Shrink. Not a single error the whole time. However, if you are getting an encryption error using DVD Decrypter to rip it to a folder prior to using Shrink should do the trick.

Did you know that DVD shrink can open .ISO images directly (File menu or ctrl+i)… No need to go via Daemon Tools… :slight_smile: :iagree: :slight_smile:

Well I tried it in my other drive and it worked fine, I don’t know why it made a diffrence I have burnt 25 movies using the one drive :confused:

Probably because the Pioneer 104 is an ancient burner and you really should not be using your burner to rip discs in the first place (sure fire way to end it’s life early).

allso i find if disc is dirty i sometimes get the same err.