Can't rip reno 911: miami

will this movie rip or do i have a bad disc?

More information is needed.

im using platinum get error when it reads the disc it will not begin to rip, im new to the site i dont know exactly what other info you need thanx

There are many reno discs.
Which one?
Have you tried cleaning the disc and your laser lens?
What DVDFab settings are you using?
What OS are you running?
Do you have other programs running in the background?

This list can go on and on.

reno 911: miami unrated
windows sp3
cleaned em
tried main movie
i only run dvdfab when i rip
using Sony DRX-840U

What DVDFab settings are you using?
Have you tried changing the pathplayer setting?

ok i downloaded the beta( and it ripped, i dont know why it worked but im glad it did thanx for assisting me