Can't rip protected cd

hello to all the experts .
i got new audio cd that i wanna backup.
when i am inserting the cd into the cdrom i can see only track #1.
i tried to look for hidden files and i couldn’t find any.
i tried to rip the cd to mp3 but i can only mark to rip the first song.
all the other songs shows as data files and the program doesn’t know how to rip them.
after that i tried to burn the cd with clonecd but again the only song that work is song number 1.

how can i rip the cd into my computer and my IRIVER ??

Thank you,

Try to use Exact Audio Copy

is Exact audio copy is program or option in the clonecd?
and i tried easy cd-da to rip the cd but he can’t rip the data tracks only the first song.

is a program. google to find it

i choose to rip all the files but every time the EAC rip only the first track…
any ideas?

Sorry, I’m not an expert on audio stuff :frowning:

Check on EAC oprions to see if there is something

thank you for your help anyway…
it doesn’t let me rip the data tracks (all the tacks exept track #1 which appears as music track)…

Maybe there is only one audio trask. Are you sure that the other aren’t video tracks?

yes when i play it in my home stereo i can listen to all 20 tracks.
when i put it in the computer cd i can only listen to the first track and all the others
are “data tracks” that i can’t listen too…
i can’t listen to it with my car stereo either…
i only want to rip the music so i can listen to it with my m3 player…