Cant rip Madagascar DVD PLEASE HELP! :(

Ive tried everything i can think of, no rip for Madagascar. It is not a Sony flick, but a DreamworKs film?

I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING, i am EXHAUSTED of trying all the proggies, I cannot rip it. I tried DVDXCOPY, 321 studios, dvd shrink, decrypter, ALL THE RIPPERS on my drive, – and nothing. CANT GET A RIP. I even tried CLONE DVD with no success, I AM GOING CRAZY. MY kidds want this disc so bad.

HELP ME PLEASE/ :a :a :a :a :a :a :a :sad: :sad: :sad:

Did you run anydvd? None of those programs you metioned will work without anydvd and junk the dvdcopy platnium it’s so outdated. I think if you want some help let people know what you are running the more info the better…

I suspect you are using AnyDVD or you wouldn’t have posted in this forum.
You give little detail as to what the ripping problem is, kindly post exactly what is happening any any error messages you receive. In addition, what versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD are you using. Unless this is a defective original I see no reason those two programs will not copy it for you.

Errrrrrrrrrrr… this movie isn’t officially released for 2 more weeks… :disagree:


[B][I]I AM STILL HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THE RIP, tried a few hours so far, not a rip. keep getting CRC errors. ERROR in VTS_01. you are correct this movie isnt out till nov 15th, but i got it early, and i cant get it ripped.

Go to, download the free program: fab decrypter, it will work

I TRIED FAB, no such luck at all with fab,CRC error says failure to [U]decrypt VTS_01 VOB[/U]

Then it sounds like you have a defective disc with mastering errors. I suggest you scan the disc with Nero CD Speed and see if it finds errors. If so, return your original and get it replaced. There is no reason AnyDVD shouldn’t be able to copy this title. I highly doubt we’re seeing a new protection here.

Hi :slight_smile:
Have a look at this thread . In particular post # 12.

If you think it may a new/modified protection send the .IFO files to Slysoft as per olli’s directions here;

Hi :slight_smile:
If you do that.(Which is quite right)
You’ll get to this.
Which is mentioned in the thread of my previous post. Sorry I forgot to include link to this AnyDVD

@ conch64,

In another Forum thread I made you aware that SlySoft has recently released a ‘beta” AnyDVD version

Your first comment to Forum Member jeffshemano is go to some other Forum and download some other software program.

Perchance if you haven’t noticed this is the CD Freaks AnyDVD Forum and the focus of this forum is the AnyDVD software program. If you don’t want to assist CD Freaks Forum Members using the AnyDVD software program quite possible this Forum is not for you.

If your intension was to assist CD Freaks Forum Members with the AnyDVD software program you should have made Forum Member jeffshemano aware that SlySoft had released ‘beta” AnyDVD version and not suggest him to visit another Forum and download some other software program.

Actions like yours does not assist Forum Member jeffshemano with his AnyDVD software program but only clouds the trouble shooting efforts of other Forum Members establishing the root cause of this problem.

It should be noted that at this time/date you have two CD Freaks AnyDVD Forum postings and both of these postings are recommending that CD Freaks Forum Members to visit another Forum and use some alternative software program to the AnyDVD software programs. As stated above maybe the CD Freaks AnyDVD Forum is not you cup of tea.

The ‘beta” copy of AnyDVD version is available for download at

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My copy works 100%, use VobBlanker and then use Shrink :slight_smile:

i need help here too. I have never used vobBlanker but i just got it.

i am currently using DVDFAB to rip it then how do i run it through the VobBlank b4 i shrink it? Also i don;t have or use ANYDVD, do i need it for this??

Thanks Guru’s

I finally got it to work, don’t know if this will help anyone…

I used AnyDVD :bow: and VobBlanker :bow: to rip the disc down to my HD, then used DVDShrink (but I’m sure CloneDVD would’ve worked perfectly fine as well)…and compressed it. Disc works fine. :slight_smile:

Edit: CloneDVD works fine as well. :clap:

Please send the original .ifo files (zipped together) to support(at) with a little explanation in the mail. Make sure, that AnyDVD is disabled, when you copy the .ifo files to harddisk. Thank you.

No problem James, I’ll get right on it. :slight_smile:

Edit: Sent.

can someone give some details please about how to use vobblanker in conjunction with anydvd to get this working?

i downloaded vobblanker the other day, and to be honest, it’s interface is pretty intimidating, and I’m not that comfortable using it.

All I did was had AnyDVD running, open up vobblanker, change the input folder to the Video_TS directory on the disc. Output directory goes to wherever you want it. Hit the process button (I did not change any of the default settings). It will rip the disc down to your drive then use CloneDVD/DVDShrink or whatever to compress the disc. :iagree:

I have not tried VobBlanker just by itself (always had AnyDVD running)…so I would use AnyDVD to at least help! :wink: