Can't rip DVD to ipod

Why can’t I rip a DVD at a bitrate of 2500 with a resolution of 640x352, fps of 29.97? The DVD I am ripping is Empire Strikes Back.

Ok. So I configure DVDFab to these specifications and it says that the output size will be about 2.3GB. So I rip the DVD. But when it finishes ripping, the file is only 1.3GB. So I import the file into iTunes and I do a “get info” check only to find the bitrate is approximately 1500 and not 2500 like I specified. What is happening? (This has actually happened with other DVDs too.)

And I forgot to mention I am using mpeg4 (not h264.) Thank you.


That is normal, Sometimes, codec can not encode the movie in so high bitrate, which can get best quality and not need the max bitrate.