Can't rip dvd at higher than 3.7x

I just bought the Lite-On XJ-HD166S and every time i rip something with dvddecrypter I max out at 3.7x. DMA is enabled on the controller that this device is on and i’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the controller drivers, but I still can’t exceed 3.7x. I’m running a p4-1.7Ghz winxp pro with an Intel 850 chipset, 1gb ram, 2 ide cdrom on secondary ide controller.

Anyone have this problem or know a fix so I can get faster rip speeds?

my toshiba rip at 2x only but some times with a DVD 5 movie they reach 14x !!!:eek: :eek:

so try to use a DVD 5 movie cause the speed is differente between 1 layer movie and dual layer movie .

This is probably because the DVD disc is dual-layer, most DVD movies are now. The top read speed of 16X can only be reached on a single-layer disc.

I use Smartripper with a LTD163 and it rips at 3-4x only. 2 layer disc, get used to it.

Toshiba have built in restriction

you can remove it now, will post the link later this day

Why not post it now?



i knew you would post it…you scroll that forum also…grin

(no seriously…i am at my work…don’t have that link here)



thank you very much …

i will try it…

so there is no tricks for the 1502 ??

first they did the 1612

now they will try the 1500 series…so …watch the link

How can you tell which dvds are single or dual layer?

bigger dan 4.7 gig is dual layer

and the movies seem to stop for a while when it switched layers