Cant rip DaVinci_Code ERROR?

I’m useing DVD Decrypter and I get a Error with DaVinci Code.

Failed to Read Sector 206256 - Lec Uncorrectable error.

Please help.

Try DVDFab Decrypter- a free prog that can handle arcoss protections that came out after development on DVD Decrypter was halted.

I used DVDFab Decrypter but it makes VIDEO_TS Files, do you or any one know how to make ISO file?

If not, What software do I need to use to brun the VIDEO_TS?

You’re going to need to compress the data anyway after it’s been output from the ripping program - rip with DVDFab Decrypter, RipIt4Me, etc., then compress the data with something such as DVD Shrink. RipIt4Me automates things a little bit more if you want that. DVD Shrink can output as an ISO image file or a VIDEO_TS folder and files, then you can burn with ImgBurn or DVD Decrypter - ImgBurn is an updated version of DVD Decrypter minus ripping abilities, and it is able to burn the VIDEO_TS folder + files or .ISO image files, your choice.

I use DL DVD+R so I do not have to compress the data.

Use RipIt4Me and output as an ISO.

In this case, use imgtool classic- it’s smaller and more focused for just making .iso files if you already have your final VIDEO_TS folder.

If you use DVDFab Decrypter and want it done in ISO , Just open DVDFab Decrypter next to the “TARGET” drop drop down window there are 2 buttons one for making “VIDEO_TS” (default) and next to that is for making ISO image file.


look for ripit4me, it deals with it and all movies from the same company :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your Help

Dose any one know when DVD Decrypter will be update???

Never unfortunately - Development ceased because of the heat that was being received from Macrovision, etc. Now there is ImgBurn, DVD Decrypter updated but without any ripping abilities.

RipIt4Me in conjunction with DVD Decrypter has basically become the new equivalent to DVD Decrypter alone, and does a great job.

I would just buy Any DVD. It is well worth the price. The movie companies come out with new incription, especially Sony & Any DVD has an update about 2 days after the new movies come out & it works perfectly. It runs in the backround & decripts everything.
You can find it at

I did this without any problem by just using DVDShrink and Nero Burning ROM.