Can't rewrite DVD+RW

I can’t rewrite DVD+RW.

I erased the disc. When I try burning the disc is ejected.

I have tried Image Burn and Nero they both say this disc is this disc is can’t be written even though it’s a dvd+rw.

Imgbrn lists the dvd+rw as dvd-rom.

I have searched all over google for an anwser but I got nothing revealent.

I tried this it happens on both of my burners one is NEC and the other is new samsung.

I was able to rewrite dvds until I switched to this new computer.

I am able to do everything else though.

I have no clue why all dvd+rw are being threated as dvd-rom.

My DMA is on and working also

@ Boxcutterz,

In seeing you were clearly confused concerning non existent “DVD+RW DL Media” in your Forum posting titled “Where Can I Find some DVD+RW DL 8.5GB Media For Sale” are you certain that the particular Media you are now currently attempting to use is actually DVD+RW Media?


Do you have Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed, by any chance?

…Imgbrn lists the dvd+rw as dvd-rom…
First, change the booktype back to DVD+RW and try again.

what media is it really??

They are verbatim 4.7 gb dvd+rw

I found a way around it, but it’s a lot of hassle.

I have to use imgburn.exe to erase then it still says media not empty then eject, and reload it then I am able to make a dvd-rw.

Windows sucks!

Booktype is already set dvd+rw

Alcohol or Daemon Tools I have both, I have disabled Alcohol settings still no sucess.

Go into Deamon Tools and look for an option like “Hide CDR media” or similar - disable that.

Go into Alcohol’s Emulation settings, and make sure “Ignore Media Type” is not checked.

Hopefully one of the two will help.

Go into Deamon Tools and look for an option like “Hide CDR media” or similar - disable that.

That worked thanx!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: