Can't Rewind CD-R Properly



Hi all,

I live in Canada and I recently bought a 50 pack of 80 min. Kodak CD-Rs from Future Shop. My problem is that after burning music on the discs using Nero, I’ve noticed that on my Sony stereo system if you attempt to rewind the first track around the 20 second range the disc will start skipping to other areas on the disc. But the discs seem to play well on the other CD players in my house and I’ve never had this problem before with other CD-R media. Has anybody else run into a similar situation like this before? Is this an indication of cheap media? I recorded them all at around 8X even though the discs are said to be recordable at 48X, should I record at an even slower speed?

Thx for any help.


Hey 7… 8X IMO, is way to slow. If your burner isn’t junk, it should handle at least 40X with no problem. You may be burning to slow. Don’t know if Kodak is to good of media. Would reccomend buying known quality media. For CD I like Maxell.



As my cohort above says - 8x is way too slow - the minimum speed should be 24x and suggest not going over 32x for your best audio burns-

Try that and get back to us - eh?



I would think it more a media problem than speed as some players are more fussy than others.
You could get some other media to try, just get a few singles of a few good brands.
Personally I use Verbatim Pastels which are a Taiyo Yuden dye & are the only media that my car stereo will accept. Speed for me was not the issue but the media.